Air Conditioning

At Stewart Air conditioning we can provide air conditioning solutions to keep you cool in the months of summer, preventing stock damage and keeping staff and customers comfortable, and in the winter Air conditioning turns into a very economical heating system and will reduce your heating costs; all at a touch of a button. We fit air-conditioning to small conservatories to large computer server rooms. More and more of our customers are fitting modern air conditioning systems as their main source of heating due to their cheap running costs and government incentives. Find out more about government schemes and tax relief on our following pages.

Air Conditioning key benefits

• Cooling
• Heating
• Dehumidify
• Energy saving
• Tax relief
• Improved environmental performance in work place
• Energy efficiency resulting in long term financial benefits for business

Air conditioning is designed to create a relative humidity and temperature in the occupied space. Air conditioning reduces the moisture in the air which in turn makes life more bare able and feel less fatigued on a hot humid day. Also when on heating setting it reduces the chill in the air making life more bearable in a cold winter’s day.

Stewart air conditioning is an independent company and is not restricted to any one manufacturer, so we can therefore offer our clients a variety of systems to suit every requirement and budget. Please call for more details and one of our engineers can come out and carry out a free site survey.

We also provide a Planned Preventative Maintenance package for air conditioning systems which is tailored for each individual customer based on their needs.  Do you know that an un-serviced air conditioning system can reduce efficiency by up to 40% costing you money? The key benefits of having a maintenance plan is: improve efficiency, save money, prevent leaks, to increase longitivtiy of system, kill germs and improve air quality. Call today to start saving money and improve the performance of your air conditioner.