Air Conditioning Maintenance Package

To optimise performance, reduce running costs, kill any bacteria and prolong the life of your current air conditioning systems we recommend a planned preventive maintenance contract. As well as cleaning and sanitising all coils, pumps and drains we carry out a maintenance report on the performance your air conditioning system which will help our engineers spot minor problems before they develop into series problems. Carrying out planned preventive maintenance increases the performance of the air conditioner making it WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER resulting in reduced running costs  plus extending the life of your system.

Refrigeration Maintenance Package

To minimise breakdowns and improve efficiency of your refrigeration equipment we would recommend a maintenance plan where we would carry out coil cleans and various checks with a report on each system to spot small problems before they lead to more serious problems. Carrying out regular maintenance will reduce energy consumption resulting on reduced energy bills and increasing the life of your refrigeration equipment. All our maintenance plan customers also enjoy 24 hour, 7 days a week service.