We provide a professional service in the installation, maintenance and repair of all your building ventilation requirements whether its in the domestic, commercial or industrial sector.

A full range of ventilation systems are available from domestic extract, office supply and extract systems, warehouse and retail outlet ventilation to heat recovery ventilation systems.

Shut that door and keep the heat in — it’s a familiar cry in winter; in summertime, you’re more likely to see people closing doors and windows to keep the heat out and save on the air-conditioning. How can you have an airtight, energy efficient building that’s also healthy and well-ventilated? Heat recovery ventilation offer a solution, bringing fresh air into your building without letting the heat escape and Let’s take a closer look at how they work!

Heat Recovery VentilationHeat recovery ventilation works independently of your normal heating/cooling system. The fresh air in and stale air out flow past each other without mixing physically but the heat is drawn from the stale air to the cold air, which is then fed back down into the pipes and into the rooms. The stale air, minus its heat, is then expelled into the atmosphere. This results in huge energy saving compared to a normal system extract/intake ventilation system where the heated/cooled air from the building is usually extracted dumped outside (wasted energy) with the new fresh air coming in also needing heated/cooled (more wasted energy). This all results in your heating/Cooling system not needing to run as often saving you money.